70 Creative Outlets to Get You Inspired and Excited

70 Creative Outlets to Get You Inspired and Excited

These days, when we pick up any new activity, we're often thinking of ways we can monetize it, or some other way it will benefit our lives. But the perfect creative outlet can serve an important purpose beyond making us more productive or making us money: A new creative outlet can get your creative juices flowing, improve mental health, open up new possibilities, and so much more. 

If you need ideas, we've got you covered: Here are 70 ideas to help you ignite your creative spark. 

70 Creative Outlet Ideas

1. Learn to play a musical instrument

2. Try a pottery class

3. Design a website

4. Make a vision board

5. Write your own music

6. Take up water coloring

7. Color in an adult coloring book

8. Learn to knit

9. Brew your own beer

10. Make your own candles

11. Try origami

12. Restyle a room in your home (this is different from decluttering!)

13. Learn to quilt

14. Start doing yoga

15. Read more book

16. Try creative writing

17. Learn to code

18. Start a podcast

19. Join a book club

20. Take up running

21. Start playing piano

22. Join a choir

23. Start scrapbooking

24. Learn to needlepoint

25. Learn to sew

26. Start baking

27. Take Pilates classes

28. Start cooking new dishes every week

29. Start a collecting something that means a lot to you

30. Learn a new language

31. Learn photography

32. Try flower arranging

33. Start gardening

34. Start working on a book

35. Start an indoor herb garden

36. Take dance classes

37. Meditate

38. Write in a journal

39. Become a coffee expert

40. Learn embroidery

41. Learn carpentry

42. Try DIY crafting

43. Learn to weave 

44. Try your hand at jewelry-making

45. Learn to weave

46. Try collaging

47. Learn digital design

48. Try stained glass-making

49. Try oil painting

50. Start a blog

51. Learn photoshop

52. Try sculpting

53. Make cards

54. Learn to bake something really complicated (like macarons)

55. Learn beading

56. Learn lino printing

57. Try paper marbling

58. Learn to crochet

59. Try art journaling

60. Start collecting antiques

61. Start your own micro flower farm

62. Start a creative social media account

63. Learn to tie dye

64. Start doing puzzles

65. Learn calligraphy

66. Start a bullet journal

67. Learn videography

68. Start a nature journal

69. Start hiking

70. Travel (near or far!)

How to Choose a Creative Outlet

A list of ideas is great and all, but how do you actually choose a creative outlet that will serve the purpose you want it to? Start by thinking about what you loved to do when you were a kid. Those of us who are very lucky were able to turn that "thing" into a career, but for the rest of us, we can turn that thing into a creative outlet. For example, if you loved spending tine outside as a kid, hiking might be a great creative outlet for you as an adult. If you loved arts and crafts, you may want to try jewelry-making, DIY crafts, or even knitting

And remember, if you do try a creative outlet and it's just not working for you, you have plenty of other options, like the 70 listed above.


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