11 Fall Self-Care Ideas for a Restorative, Joyful Season

11 Fall Self-Care Ideas for a Restorative, Joyful Season

Engaging in fall self-care is an excellent way to spend the perfect crisp days ahead. In addition to helping you embrace the fall season, with its perfect weather, stunning colors and endless festivities, self-care can be an especially good idea for anyone who struggles with the winter blues, which is officially known as seasonal affective disorder. 

Below, we've come up with a list of 11 fall self-care activities. Choose one, choose two, or do all 11! No matter what, we promise you they'll help you cultivate a greater appreciation for the season and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Fall Self-Care Ideas

1. Come up with a fall-themed morning routine

As the days grow shorter, the sun rises later and the weather cools down, coming up with a nourishing fall morning routine is key. This could mean adding a dash of cinnamon to your coffee to celebrate the season and writing in your journal for a few minutes. It could mean bundling up and sitting outside to enjoy the fall foliage. It could mean a morning walk or run, or a few extra minutes in bed cozying up to a partner, pet, or child.  

2. Light fall-scented candles

Candles are great year-round, but they're especially magical in the fall. Fall scents of pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, chai, and more conjure up cozy feelings that can help us relax and activate joyful feelings in brains. If you work from home, try lighting a fall scented candle while you work, or strike one up while drinking your morning cup of coffee. We're a big fan of the fall collection at Brooklyn Candle Studio

3. Take a walk outside

The months before winter set in are a glorious time. There are colorful fall leaves everywhere, the weather is perfect, and with the right cozy sweater a fall walk is a practically perfect self-care routine. 

4. Go apple picking

Apple picking is an excellent way to ring in fall, and if you miss the early fall window, they typically stick around until the end of October. So grab a few friends or family members—or take yourself on a solo apple-picking date! You can extend the self-care activity by baking yourself an apple pie, crumble, or making applesauce when you get home.

5. Take a social media break

Taking a social media break is pretty much always a good idea, and it can be a really good idea in the fall when you're looking for a little reset and recharge. So try either deleting your social media apps from your phone or moderating your use—you may find it helps quite a bit. 

6. Write in a gratitude journal

Gratitude journals are great year-round, but considering that one of the main themes of fall is gratitude—you know, with Thanksgiving and all—fall can be an excellent time to up your gratitude game. So write down a few things you're thankful for every day, or even once a week. It's a great habit to get into, and there's no better time to start than the fall. 

7. Practice mindfulness

When we think of mindfulness the first thing that comes to mind is typically meditation. But mindfulness can also mean a quiet, phone-free walk, a moment sitting breathing by yourself, or simply sitting and observing nature.

8. Visit your local coffee shop

Is there any form of fall self-care that's better than a pumpkin spice latte? If coffee isn't your thing, opt for a different warm drink like a spiced tea, hot apple cider, or anything else that leaves you feeling cozy and cared for.

9. Bake pumpkin bread

OK, it doesn't have to be pumpkin bread—but baking can be a soothing form of self-care as you measure, whisk, fold, and roll. In fact, baking and cooking are both forms of mindfulness. So try to spend some time in the kitchen this fall other than when you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

10. Re-read your favorite book

All the high achievers out there are probably familiar with the experience of feeling like rereading a book is a "waste." But trust us: There's a lot to gain from a second read! If that's not for you, try rewatching your favorite show. Gilmore Girls is a classic fall favorite.

11. Take a weekend trip

A fall getaway is an excellent form of self-care, so take a trip faraway or nearby. Bonus points if you get to check out the fall leaves while you're at it! 


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