55 Inspiring Self-Care Quotes Every Mom Needs In Her Life

55 Inspiring Self-Care Quotes Every Mom Needs In Her Life

Let's face it: If anyone is in need of self-care, it's moms. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, and hey—even dog moms!—deserve a little time to themselves once in a while.

That's where mom self-care quotes come in. Inspirational mom quotes can help serve as an important reminder to moms everywhere they need to get better at prioritizing themselves. So light up that candle, draw yourself a bubble bath, and get ready to dive into a good book—because we've got 55 inspiring self-care quotes every mom needs in her life. 

Mom Self-Care Quotes

1. "You are worth the quiet moment. You are worth the deeper breaths and the time it takes to slow down, be still, and rest." — Morgan Harper Nichols

2. "Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love." — Brene Brown

3. "Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you." — Katie Reed

4. "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you." — Anne Lamott

5. "Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is rest we take between two deep breaths." — Etty Hillesum

6. "By taking care of myself I have so much more to offer the world than when I am running on empty." — Ali Washington

7. "There is enough time for self-care. There is not enough time to make up for the life you'll miss by not filling yourself up." — Jennifer Williamson 

8. "You aren't doing 'nothing' when you choose to put your wellbeing first. In fact, this is the key to having everything." — Brittany Burgunder

9. "Take care of yourself as if you are the most awesome person you have ever met." – Jen Sincero 

10. "Be you, love you. All ways, always." — Alexandra Elle

11. "Take time off. The world will not fall apart without you." — Maledo Sephodi

12. "You cannot serve from an empty vessel." — Eleanor Brown

13. "Take care of myself doesn't mean 'me first.' It means 'me too.'" — L.R. Knost

14. "Self-care is not a waste of time; self-care makes your use of time more sustainable." — Jackie Viramontez

15. "You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens." — Louise L. Hay

16. "In my own deepening understanding of myself I find my capacity to serve others is deepened as well. The better I am at self-care the more genuinely nurturing of others I am able to be." — Mary Anne Radmacher

17. "Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won't accept." — Anna Taylor

18. "The groundwork for happiness is good health." — Leigh Hunt

19. "We need to replace your vicious stress cycle with a vicious cycle of self-care." — Dr. Sara Gottfried

20. "An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly." — Unknown

21."It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make happiness a priority. It's necessary." — Mandy Hale

22. "It's very important to take care of yourself. Everyone's lives are so busy. Take at least an hour to recharge and so whatever makes you better." — Ana Invanoic

23. "When you say 'yes' to others make sure you are not saying 'no' to yourself." — Paulo Coelho

24. "It's okay to take time for yourself. We give so much of ourselves to others, and we need to be fueled both physically and mentally. If we are in balance, it helps all our interactions." — Faith Hill

25. "How we care for ourselves gives our brain messages that shape our self worth so we must care for ourselves in every way, every day." — Sam Owen

26. "Self-care is taking all the pressures you are facing right now, and deciding to which you will respond, and how." — Imani Shola 

27. "Harmony begins within. If we are to influence the world around us, even in minor ways, the real work begins and emanates outwards." — Gudjonn Bergmann

28. "When the body forces you to stop it's saying hey, buddy, you've gone too far." — Jacqueline Enscolme

29. "Selfishness at the expense of others is bad. Self-care for the betterment of others is good." — Richie Norton

30. "Do your best, but also know your limits. Don't forget to take care of you too." — Akiroq Brost

31. "When you can't find your purpose in a day, make it to look after yourself." — Dodie Clark

32. "Selfishness at the expense of others is bad. Self-care for the betterment of others is good." — Richie Norton

33. "Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." — Lucille Ball

34. "Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort."  — Deborah Day

35. "The challenge is not to be perfect, it is to be whole." — Jane Fonda

36. "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others." — Maya Angelou

37. "Keep good company, read good books, love good things and cultivate soul and body as faithfully as you can." — Louisa May Alcott

38. "To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family." — Michelle Obama

39. "It's so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself." — Diane Von Furstenberg

40. "Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one." — Eleanor Roosevelt

41. "Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners." — William Shakespeare

42. "If you feel 'burnout' setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself." — Dalai Lama

43. "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." — Mahatma Gandhi

44. "When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life." — Jean Shinoda Bolen

45. "The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself." — Anna Quindlen

46. "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." — Dolly Parton

47. "If you compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." — Jack Kornfield

48. "Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work that nourish you." — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

49. "To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life." — Jill Bolte Taylor

50. "Don't take your health for granted. Don't take your body for granted. Do something today that communicates to your body that you desire to care for it. Tomorrow is not promised." — Jada Pinkett Smith

51. "Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment." — Stephen Covey

52. "If you have the ability to love, love yourself first." — Charles Bukwowski

53. "I make it a point to practice self-care. I make an appointment with myself." — Manisha Singal

54. "I had the epiphany that laughter was light, and light was laughter, and that this was the secret of the universe." — Donna Tartt

55. "Self-care is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation." — Audre Lorde


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