A Positive Affirmation List to Improve Your View of Self

A Positive Affirmation List to Improve Your View of Self

You may have seen positive affirmations lists floating around. But what’s the reason behind reciting positive self-affirmations? Do they really help change the way you see yourself? 

Why Positive Affirmations Lists are Powerful Tools

Positive affirmations are actually scientifically proven to increase self-efficacy and have a positive effect on the brain. Research shows specifically that the brain builds new and more robust neural connections when individuals practice affirmations.

One reason why affirmations work is that when we practice building a positive view of ourselves, it creates a foundation for confidence and self-awareness. This view of self actually goes to bat for us when we face criticisms from others or threatening situations. This is the idea behind self-efficacy, our ability to control our response when our self-concept or personhood is threatened. 

In other words, using positive affirmations increases our resiliency. And this type of growth mindset or positive self-image is a powerful tool to change the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

60 Positive Affirmations for Thinking Positively About Yourself

  1. I am a good friend. 
  2. I feel good about how much I’ve grown.
  3. I am most healthy when I’m at peace with myself. 
  4. I care about the people around me. 
  5. I can achieve anything. 
  6. I want to be someone who attracts success.
  7. I am constantly growing at my own pace. 
  8. I can harness the power of deep breaths. 
  9. I control when I keep going and when I rest. 
  10. I need to let go of what I can’t control. 
  11. I am a powerful person. 
  12. I am capable of change. 
  13. I know how to eat well and fuel my body. 
  14. I am the creator of new opportunities. 
  15. I know me better than anyone. 
  16. I know how to care for myself, and I will.
  17. I will achieve success however I define it.
  18. I am a good person with great ideas. 
  19. I deserve happiness. 
  20. I deserve love. 
  21. I deserve to feel joy. 
  22. I bring joy to my life. 
  23. I bring joy to the lives of others. 
  24. I am a better person than I used to be. I have grown. 
  25. I am getting better. I am healing 
  26. I can come up with new ideas and solutions to challenges.
  27. I choose to be around people who uplift me.
  28. I feel good when I set goals and believe in myself to achieve them. 
  29. I am strong enough to do this. 
  30. I am good enough (period). 
  31. I have brilliant ideas. 
  32. I want a happy and abundant life right now.
  33. I live my best life when I am at peace with myself. 
  34. I enjoy life the most when I take time to [fill in the blank].
  35. I will reject negative thoughts about myself. 
  36. I will accept positive thoughts about myself.
  37. I will limit unhelpful thoughts about my situation. 
  38. I will welcome helpful and positive thoughts about my situation. 
  39. I will process negative feelings that impact my life.
  40. I will define the good things and go after them. 
  41. I want my daily life to be [fill in the blank].
  42. I have negative beliefs that need positive reworking. 
  43. I will combat negative self-talk with positive self-talk. 
  44. I know every breath I take is a gift.
  45. I know positive people are well-intentioned. 
  46. I know positive thinking takes hard work. 
  47. I know thinking positively can be helpful but acknowledging the negative is important. 
  48. I am able to radiate positive energy. 
  49. I am capable of positive change.
  50. I am able to radiate confidence. 
  51. I can live my dream life. The power is in my hands. 
  52. I know on my bad days that amazing days will come again. 
  53. I choose a positive mindset. 
  54. I believe today is a new day. 
  55. I believe my view of self can get better every day. 
  56. I am enough. 
  57. I will surround myself with people who see beauty. 
  58. I choose to believe positive statements about myself rather than negative ones. 
  59. I am best at goal setting when my goals excite me.
  60. I choose to live life in the present tense.

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