50 Reasons Why Being Single Can Be Flat-Out Wonderful

50 Reasons Why Being Single Can Be Flat-Out Wonderful

YYoIn the month of February, we spend a lot of time celebrating romantic love. But with Singles Awareness Day on February 15, we want to take a moment to acknowledge single people everywhere—and acknowledge why being single can be so amazing.

While there was once an idea that coupled people were happier than single people, more recent research shows that that gap is not nearly as wide as previously thought. In general, single people tend to be very happy. In fact, they're sometimes happier and healthier than people in relationships. Not too surprising, right? With that in mind, here are 75 reasons why being single is so great. 

50 Reasons to Love Being Single

1. You get unlimited "me time"

2. You don't have to deal with a blanket hog

3. You can decorate your home exactly how you want to

4. You probably sleep better

5. You can spend your time exactly how you want to

6. You don't have to take anyone else's family or friends into consideration

7. Being single can help you become more independent 

8. You can travel whenever you want

9. Your self-esteem will improve

10. You can eat how you want, which could lead to healthier food choices

11. You'll have more space to think

12. You can truly spend your free time exactly how you want to

13. You don't have to deal with relationship conflict

14. You can make big career and life decisions without taking someone else into consideration

15. You likely have fewer expenses and spend less money

16. You have more opportunities to meet new people

17. You get more friend time in

18. You can watch whatever you want on TV

19. You have more time and energy to explore new hobbies

20. You can load the dishwasher exactly how you want to

21. You can cook meals you love every night of the week

22. Dinnertime can mean takeout in front of the TV, judgement-free

23. You can go to sleep and wake up whenever you want

24. You don't have to share a bathroom

25. You can spend time with the people who matter most to you

26. You can take yourself out on dates that are 100% things you want to do

27. You can wear sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt whenever you want, and no one is there to judge you

28. You can eat in bed (it's an underrated luxury)

29. You don't have to take anyone else's schedule into account

30. You can spend more time experimenting with your personal style

31. You have unlimited time to journal

32. You never have to clean up anyone else's mess

33. You don't have to deal with snoring

34. You can keep the thermostat set at whatever temperature you want

35. You can customize the smell of your space (scented candles, anyone?)

36. You don't have to take anyone else's mattress firmness or softness preferences into consideration

37. You can flirt with whoever you want

38. You get to experience that exciting thrill of a first date (if you want to experience that, of course).

39. You have more time to volunteer and give back to your community

40. You can spend your money exactly how you want to spend it

41. You have more time to exercise

42. You can live a more structured life that's tailored to your needs

45. You get to live with the magical possibility that the love of your life could come into your life at any point

46. There's less potential for conflict, which can lead to lower stress levels overall

47.  Being on your own can mean better focus

48. You'll have more time to pursue meaningful work

49. You'll become more resilient

50. You don't have to settle in any area of your life




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