41 Affirmations for Setting Better Boundaries

41 Affirmations for Setting Better Boundaries

When it comes to setting boundaries, affirmations can be a helpful tool. Strong boundaries help create guidelines for how you want to be treated, and positive affirmations can help you get there. 

One of the first steps to creating better boundaries, though, is understanding exactly what they are and how they work. Here's everything you need to know.

What Are Boundaries?

First things first: What are boundaries, anyway? You can think of boundaries as an "invisible line" that enforces which behaviors and actions are important are acceptable for you. An example of someone with good boundaries is someone who is able to stay true to themselves, prioritize self-care, and say no to certain people and activities.

41 Affirmations for Boundaries

Here are 41 affirmations that will help you set better boundaries: 

1. I am worthy of self-care

2. It's OK to say no

3. My time and energy are valuable

4. I am more than enough

5. I can handle whatever live throw at me

6. I am resilient

7. Everyone doesn't need to like me

8. When people respect my boundaries, they show that they respect me

9. I honor my individuality

10. I take pride in my accomplishments

11. I can find peace within myself

12. There's no such thing as perfection

13. Sometimes we must take risks in order to reach new heights

14. Even when I fall down, I get back up again

15. No matter what happens, I can handle it

16. I am stronger than I think

17. Everything in moderation

18. No problem lasts forever

19. I trust my intuition

20. I let go of resistance

21. I am patient with myself

22. I accept that I cannot control everything

23. I deserve to be listened to

24. Every day is precious to me

25. I cannot control everything

26. I allow myself to cry

27. I am sensitive to the boundaries of others and expect them to be sensitive to mine

28. My boundaries are an act of self-respect

29. I am comfortable with being assertive

30. I can choose who and what I want in my life

31. Getting serious about my boundaries shows personal growth

32. It's not my responsibility if others respect more from me than I can give

33. My boundaries are clearly defined

34. It's rewarding to honor my boundaries

35. It's OK to need alone time

36. I feel powerful when I preserve my energy

37. Staying off of my phone and social media can be an act of resistance

38. I feel safe when I enforce my boundaries

39. Having clear boundaries makes it easier to enforce them 

40. The more I practice enforcing my boundaries, the easier it will be

41. My boundaries are allowed to change just as I am

How to Strengthen Boundaries

While positive thoughts and affirmations around boundary-setting are incredibly helpful, they don't always feel like the whole picture—sometimes, strengthening your boundaries requires a little extra work. 

First, it's important to get clear on what your boundaries are. Do you need an hour to yourself every day after work? Is sleep a non-negotiable? Is there a family member who is taking up too much of your time and needs some limits put in place?

Once you've done that, feel free to call in whatever reinforcements you need to make sure you stay true to your boundaries. Talk to a therapist, practice regular meditation, pour your energy into wellness, take time away from Instagram and Facebook, and do whatever you need to do to nurture your inner child and protect your mental health. Before you know it, you'll see how clearly strong boundaries are benefiting your life. 


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