The Best Bullet Journal Ideas for Birthdays

The Best Bullet Journal Ideas for Birthdays

Bullet journals are a great way to keep track of and celebrate all things related to birthdays, which is why having a handful of bullet journal birthday ideas in your back pocket is not only important, but fun. 

If you're someone who tends to forget people's birthdays, worry not: A bullet journal future log or a birthday tracker can help with that. And if you're someone who likes to make the most out of your birthday and all the months ahead, there are plenty of ways to do that, too. 

Below, we've compiled some of our favorite ways to celebrate and remember birthdays. Enjoy! 

For the person who wants to keep track of birthdays...

Try a bullet journal future log

A bullet journal future log is a place where you add all your important monthly and yearly events. Silk + Sonder has a bullet journal future log at the beginning of every issue! 

Here are some other examples bullet journal future logs we love: 

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Use a birthday tracker

If you want to get a more specific, try a birthday tracker. A birthday tracker is a bullet journal page that focuses on — you guessed it — on birthdays. Here are some birthday trackers we love: 

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For that person who wants to get better at celebrating their own birthday...

Other people's birthdays are fun, and it's great if you're someone who does your best to make others feel special by shooting them a happy birthday text or buying them a gift you know they'll love. But when your birthday rolls around, it's important that you give it the attention it deserves, whether that means creating a special birthday journal entry or setting some goals for the next 365 days. 

Here are some ways you can celebrate your own birthday in your bullet journal:

With a bullet journal birthday page

This page can contain whatever you want, but ideally it would be completed sometime around your birthday — either before your birthday, on your birthday, or afterward. Some examples might include: 

  • A journal entry about how you're feeling today
  • A list of goals for the year ahead
  • A list of intentions for the year ahead
  • A reflection on the past year
  • How you're going to celebrate your birthday
  • A birthday bucket list
  • Photos from the past year 
  • A drawing that encapsulates how you're feeling
  • A list of the people and things that bring you joy
  • A list of gifts you received (or you can include a separate gift tracker page. 

With a month-long bullet journal birthday celebration

Silk + Sonder is the perfect medium to make your birthday into a month-long celebration, since a new journal arrives every month. Whether you use Silk + Sonder or a different kind of bullet journal, here are some ways to make it extra special for you birthday month: 

  • Add birthday-themed stickers
  • Create a page for goals and dreams for the year ahead
  • Create a gift tracker page
  • Journal on how your birthday is making you feel 
  • Create a page where you can compile your best birthday memories
  • Add photos throughout that showcase highlights from the past year

Remember: Birthdays are a celebration that shouldn't be taken for granted. So whether you're celebrating your birthday or someone else's, don't let the day pass without a little joy sprinkled in. 


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