Bullet Journal Collection Ideas for Every Goal and To-Do In Your Life

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas for Every Goal and To-Do In Your Life

So you've made the decision to start a bullet journal. Good for you! This is a great first step toward living a more organized life that will help you achieve your dreams. Plus, keeping a bullet journal — and coming up with different bullet journal ideas — also happens to be a lot of fun.

If you're looking for bullet journal collection ideas, we've come to the right place, because we have bullet journal ideas for just about every area of your life. Read on for more. 

What Is a Bullet Journal Collection?

The term "bullet journal collection" sounds a bit vague and confusing, but the concept is actually pretty simple: A bullet journal collection is simply a space where you get organized with lists, to-dos, things you're looking forward to, goals, the list goes on. Basically, a bullet journal collection is made up of many of the pages you see in a bullet journal other than a calendar.

Silk + Sonder has a lot of great bullet journal collection pages, like our habit tracker, mood tracker, and expense tracker. But if you're looking to personalize your bullet journal collection, there are a lot of creative directions to go in. 

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

If you're looking for inspiration, here are some bullet journal collection ideas to get you started.

Mental and physical health collection ideas

A health tracker. Not to be confused with a FitBit or Apple Watch (but more power to you if you're on that fitness tracker grind!), a health tracker bullet journal page can help you keep track of things like the food you're eating, the amount of water you drink, the types of workouts you engage in, and more. Having a hard time visualizing it? This health tracker is a great example. 

A weight loss tracker. If one of your big goals is to lose weight, a weight loss tracker can be a great addition to your bullet journal collection. Tracking how much weight you lose every week can help you stay motivated to keep going.

A sleep tracker. If you're looking to improve your physical and mental health, a sleep tracker is an excellent place to start. With a sleep tracker you can log the amount of hours you sleep per night, and keep track of your sleep hygiene.

A mood tracker. You know how sometimes you're in a bad mood or you don't know why? Or you're exhausted despite having slept eight solid hours the night before? A mood tracker can help you figure out what people, activities, foods, and more are correlated with certain moods — and can be a great first step toward making a change. In fact, every issue of Silk + Sonder includes a mood tracker! 

A gratitude log. If you want to improve your gratitude practice, try a gratitude log, or a space in your bullet journal for writing down everything you're grateful for. Over time, you'll find that this bullet journal page helps improve your mental health quite a bit. 

Personal growth collection ideas

A habit tracker. We love habit trackers here at Silk + Sonder, because they create accountability. By keeping tabs on the amount of days (or weeks, or months), that you engage in a habit you want to create or don't engage in a habit you want to break, you'll eventually build strong habits you're proud of. 

An income tracker. If you want to get better at tracking the money that comes in and goes out, an income tracker is a great idea and can be particularly helpful for anyone with a side hustle. By keeping close tabs on your income, you can get a better sense of your financial situation and get clear on how you want to make the most of your money.

A savings tracker. Like an income tracker, a savings tracker can be really empowering. You can keep track of how much money you're saving every month, and where you're saving it — for example, a savings account, retirement funds, your child's college account, the list goes on — which will only empower you to save more and stop you from spending money on things that don't matter to you. 

Productivity collection ideas

A pet tracker. Feel like you're always running out of dog food or missing other pet-related to-dos? A pet tracker can be a great way to keep all pet-related things in order, including vet visits, important information about your pet, and more. It can also help provide valuable information for any pet sitters when you go out of town. Here's an example of how a pet tracker can be helpful for a pet sitter.


A cleaning schedule (or daily cleaning to-dos). Let's be honest: It's not easy to keep a living space clean and tidy around the clock. That's where a bullet journal page that helps you keep a cleaning schedule — or daily cleaning to-dos — comes in: You can keep track of what needs to be cleaned and delegate tasks if necessary. This printable is a great example.

A grocery list. Why not keep a space in your bullet journal for grocery lists? A grocery list page is an excellent addition to any bullet journal collection, because hey — we all need to eat!

A future log. A future log is a lot what it sounds like: It's a space in your bullet journal that helps you keep track of what's coming up in the not-so-immediate future. Think concerts, vacations, birthdays, and more. In addition to making it so that you won't miss important events, a future log will help you look forward to the future. 

Fun and favorites collection ideas

A space to list out your favorite movies and books. Bullet journals don't have to be all productivity and personal growth. They can also be a space for fun, and a page dedicated to listing out your favorite books and movies will help bring a smile to face. Plus, you won't have to think the next time someone asks what your favorite movie is!

A page for funny quotes. Are there quotes that always bring a smile to your face? If so, having a page in your bullet journal that's devoted to funny quotes could be a great move. And if funny quotes don't resonate, use inspirational quotes instead. 


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