2 FREE Habit Tracker PDFs: Printable Weekly and Monthly

2 FREE Habit Tracker PDFs: Printable Weekly and Monthly

There are so many different types of habit tracker PDF formats available these days. Finding the right one for you is key to not only using it but enjoying tracking your habits. Not only are there different frequencies for tracking habits - like a daily habit tracker versus an annual habit tracker. But there are also different formats of habit trackers - like a circle habit tracker (example below), bullet journal habit tracker pages, and so many other custom habit tracker PDFs. 

There are a handful of theories on how long it actually takes to form a habit. Some experts day it takes 21 days, while other say it takes 31 days - and still others stay it takes 66 days! 

Whether you're trying to solidify daily tasks or stick to a morning routine that leaves you feeling healthier and happier, we’ve put together both a weekly habit tracker PDF and a monthly habit tracker PDF that are similar to the types of habit tracking we offer in our journals. These are FREE downloadable and printable PDF format habit trackers. 

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4 Quick Tips for Using a Habit Tracker PDF

Tip # 1 - Track a range of easy and hard habits

Depending on the particular habits you’re wanting to track, it can be a good idea to mix them up. Don’t just start with high-achieving, challenging habits only. Add in some easy but good habits that will give you a boost of confidence. For example, make a goal about your daily or water consumption. Something you know you can easily accomplish if you set your mind to it. Then put that gratifying check mark next to a completed habit to help you stay motivated for the harder ones.

Tip # 2 - Print it out and keep it handy

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you try to use a printable habit tracker PDF digitally, it’s not going to be as easy as pen and paper. Our habit tracker PDFs are one page designed for 8x5x11 paper. We recommend printing these out and using them throughout your weekly and monthly routines to track your progress and build new habits.

Tip # 3 - Use pens and highlighters you love

Most of us have our favorite pen. It may be a freebie you got from a hotel or a fancy felt-tip with just the right amount of pressure on the paper. Using a pen you love and some highlighters to add color makes us feel good. Plus the way we write in our habits and add check marks throughout a day and month serves as a visual reminder of the progress we’re making. Using the right writing utensil helps us want to go back to the page and keep tracking these new habits.

Tip # 4 - Reward yourself for progress 

Set yourself some milestones on your tracker to help reward yourself for good habit progress. Star or circle a certain box on our monthly habit tracker PDF for when you feel you deserve a little reward. Whether it's a habit about weight loss, time on social media or a habit to water your plants, make bed, learn a new language, or check in with your mental health. Bad habits are broken over time and good habits that are new habits are built slowly over time. Rewards along the way help reinforce positive change.

Download and Print our FREE Habit Tracker PDFs


Silk+Sonder Free Weekly Habit Tracker PDF


Silk+Sonder Free Monthly Habit Tracker PDF

For habit tracker ideas, check out our blog post listing 100 Habit Tracking Ideas for new habits. And for some extra inspiration, we have a blog with 90 Daily Habit Quotes for a positive mindset. Jot these down on the back or at the bottom of your habit tracker for an added boost to stay motivated.

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