16 Best Gifts for Minimalists

16 Best Gifts for Minimalists

Let's face it: Finding the right minimalist Christmas gift or holiday gift is no easy task. Anyone who lives a minimalist lifestyle likely works hard to eliminate unnecessary "stuff" from their lives, making finding the perfect gift for them feel a little daunting.

But it doesn't have to be! If you're feeling a little stumped about what to get the minimalist in your life, start with these 16 gift ideas. From candles and donations to coffee subscriptions and houseplants, there's something here fro everyone.

15 Gifts for Minimalists

1. An E-Reader

While we're all about a house full of physical books, minimalists aren't always as crazy about the idea. That's why a kindle or e-reader is an excellent gift idea for minimalists, because it means they won't have to constantly bring new items into their home just to read a great book. You can shop different kindle options here

2. Stasher bags

Most minimalists don't love the idea of waste, and plastic ziploc baggies are on that list. Stasher bags are an easy, eco-friendly way to store food and leftovers. Plus, they're an attractive addition to any pantry or fridge and easy to wash! You can shop stasher bags here

3. Candles

The nice thing about candles is that while they may temporarily take up space, once they burn down, they won't take up space anymore—and their containers can be re-used for other things if necessary, like jewelry storage or anything else. We're personally all about the Silk + Sonder Sweet Dreams candle, which you can shop here

Silk + Sonder's Sweet Dreams candle would make a great minimalist gift.

4. A gift card

A gift card is a minimalist's dream gift, because it doesn't take up any space at all—and they can use it for anything they want. You can opt for a gift card to their favorite restaurant, an Amazon gift card, or our personal favorite, a Silk + Sonder gift card

5. Something edible

Whether it's ethical chocolate, baked goods from your kitchen, or an edible arrangement, an edible gift is a great idea for minimalists because once they're done with it, it won't take up space.  

6. A photography class

Gifting a minimalist a photography class, or any other type of class they might be interested in—like a cooking class, flower arranging class, or something else—is a great gift for minimalists. Bonus points if you book a spot for yourself, too, so you can spend quality time together. 

Give the gift of a photography class.

7. Offer to take them on a coffee date

This is another great experiential gift that will ensure quality time for the time for the two of you: Ask them to tell you when they're free, and offer to take them to a coffee shop and buy them their favorite coffee, tea, or pastry. 

8. No matter what you get them, wrap it in recycled paper

This is less of a gift suggestion and more a suggestion of how you present it to them. Minimalists tend to do their best to live a zero waste (or at the very least, low waste!) lifestyle, so wrapping their gift in recycled paper will likely make them very happy. Check out some festive recycled wrapper paper options here

Wrap their gift in recycled paper.

9. Make a donation to their favorite charity

For someone who doesn't like having a lot of stuff, a donation to their favorite charity will go a long way. If you're trying to find a charity to donate to, check out Charitynavigator.org

10. A meditation app subscription

Meditation apps are a great idea for anyone looking to bring a little peace and calm into their life in the new year, and as long as the minimalist in your life has a Smartphone, this is a fail-proof gift. The Headspace and Calm apps are both great options. 

11. Neutral-colored kitchen essentials

One thing minimalists love? Neutrals. These classy oil and vinegar dispensers from West Elm are a great choice. Shop them here

These classy oil and vinegar dispensers from West Elm are a great option.

12. A houseplant

A houseplant is an excellent gift for minimalists, because it will bring greenery and new life into their home. Just do your best to find one that's hard to kill! There are tons of great plants available on Etsy.  

13. New underwear

Hear us out on this one: We can all use new underwear from time to time, and it's often not something we think to buy for ourselves. These seamless, neutral options from Calvin Klein are a great pick. 

14. A coffee subscription 

If the minimalist in your life drinks coffee, you can't go wrong with a subscription for her favorite coffee beans, which can be delivered for whatever amount of time you specify. Start by checking out Atlas Club, which will deliver coffee from around the world. 

You can't go wrong with a coffee subscription.

15. A streaming service subscription

A subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Disney+ will make the minimalist in your life very happy—it won't take up any space, and they'll have endless viewing options all winter long.

16. Tickets to a show

Minimalists love experiential gifts, so gift them tickets to a show that the two of you can see together, or even tickets to a movie. They'll love the quality time and entertainment. 


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