50 Simple Ways To Bring a Sense of Awe Into Your Life

50 Simple Ways To Bring a Sense of Awe Into Your Life

"Awe" isn't a word we think about much on a daily basis, unless we're using it in the word "awesome." But experiencing awe—or that feeling of wonder and pure amazement—on a regular basis is not only enjoyable, it can actually improve our sense of happiness and wellbeing.

But how can you actually bring awe into your life on a regular basis? Here are 50 ways to make it happen. 

50 Ways to Inspire Awe 

1. Look at photos of space

2. Watch the sun rise

3. Pay attention to your breath, and marvel at what an automatic process breathing is

4. Take in the first flowers of spring

5. Watch a movie with an epic, awe-inspiring story

6. Read a great work of literature

7. Ask a grandparent or other older person to tell you the story of heir life

8. Walk outside and feel the sun on your face

9. Take a sip of hot coffee, and let the sensation and taste flood your entire body

10. Go somewhere where you can see a shooting star

11. Watch a child take their first steps

12. Visit a national park

13. Look at a piece of art

14. Spend time with someone who makes you laugh—really laugh

15. Take a walk through your neighborhood, and really pay attention to all that's going on around you

16. Watch the leaves change in the fall

17. Water a plant, and watch its leaves perk up

18. Take a trip to somewhere you've never been before

19. Cook yourself a delicious, flavorful meal

20. Listen to people speak in a different language

21. Climb into a bed made up with fresh, clean sheets

22. Go to a new restaurant in your neighborhood

23. Grow and nurture flowers from seed

24. Learn something new

25. Complete a puzzle

26. Listen to one of your favorite albums or pieces of music

27. Read a biography of an inspirational figure

28. Look—really look—at a building that was built hundreds fo years ago

29. Go swimming in a lake

30. Look at pictures of yourself when you were a kid

31. Go for a hike

32. Take a trip somewhere with an impressive history

33. See a ballet performance

34. Visit a big city

35. Meditate, and marvel at the experience of clearing your mind

36. Watch videos of people engaging in a craft they really enjoy

37. Write a letter to your younger self

38. Visit a zoo or nature center, and take in the beauty of the animals are ou

39. Watch a motivational TED Talk

40. Go to the beach, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore

41. Get a full night of sleep, and marvel at how great you feel in the morning

42. Go for a bike ride

43. Take a bite of a freshly-baked cookie

44. Listen to a piece of classical music

45. Look at photos of some of the most beautiful places on earth

46. Feel a soft piece of fabric

47. Go to a farmers market and take in all the seasonal fruits and vegetables

48. Watch the snow fall

49. Look at photos of early humans

50. Read old journal entries—the older, the better

Why Awe Is So Important for Our Wellbeing

Awe can help us change how we see the world. When we're stuck in the mundanity of everyday life, it can be hard to experience the "little earthquakes" that can shake up our lives and make us view life itself differently. Experiencing awe helps remind us of what really matters in life, can inspire us to take on a new goal or experience, and can also help make our worries feel small—in a good way. 

Additionally, research has found that experiencing awe can help improve feelings of wellbeing, and one study found that people who experience daily awe have lower levels of daily stress and inflammation in their bodies. Convinced yet? We thought so. Now get out there and chase that awe!




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