Here's Exactly How to Journal for Personal Growth

Here's Exactly How to Journal for Personal Growth

Whether we know it or not, personal growth is a lifelong journey that all of us are on. And the more intentional we can be about it the better—which is where journaling comes in. 

Here's everything you need to know about how to journal for personal growth, including thinking outside the box when it comes to the journaling method you use. 

How to Journal for Personal Growth 

Journaling for personal growth means journaling in a way that both helps you reflect on your past thoughts and actions with an eye toward the future. This can be done through free-writing, with prompts, in a bullet journal, or any other type of journal that calls to you. 

By definition, personal growth means improving your behavior and habits in a way that helps you grow. When we actively work toward personal growth, we become the best version of ourselves in all aspects of our lives, from our careers and personal relationships to how we set boundaries and practice self-care.

Types of Journals to Consider Using for Personal Growth

When it comes to journaling for personal growth, you aren't limited to one type of journal. In fact, the options are endless. Here are some ideas: 

A bullet journal

Silk + Sonder utilizes the bullet journal style of journaling, and it's arguably the best way to journal for personal growth. This is because it's aimed toward helping you get as organized as possible by developing new habits, breaking bad ones, and getting as organized as possible with your goals. 

A blank journal

A blank journal, with lines or not, is a great personal growth outlet because it gives you the opportunity to free-write and do a personal growth brain dump. A blank journal can be a great starting point before you make use of a bullet journal, since that method is a lot more organized. 

An art journal

When the words can't quite come to you, an art journal can be an excellent alternative—or even a great first choice. Let your thoughts run wild and your pen or pencil guide you as you come closer to forming the thoughts you need to from to move your personal growth journey in the right direction. 

A travel journal

A travel journal might not seem like a great place to start or continue your personal growth journey, but we're often at our most introspective and reflective when we're traveling. Being in a new place inspires creativity and wonder, so it can help you get clarity about what the next step of your personal growth journey should look like.

Self-Improvement Journaling Prompts to Start With

We already have a blog post centered on self-discovery and personal growth. But if you're looking for more, here are 10 to start with: 

    1. What role does hope play in your life?
    2. What to you hope to accomplish in the next year of your life?
    3. If you were going to develop one habit over the next month, what would it be?
    4. How do you typically handle criticism or rejection? Could you handle it differently?
    5. How do you typically handle change?
    6. How would you describe your sense of humor?
    7. Take a long at your daily routine. How can you change it so it's more in line with your core values?
    8. What do you consider your greatest weakness? 
    9. What does your ideal morning routine look like?
    10. What areas of your life do you tend to be negative about, and which ones do you tend to be positive about? Why? 


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