How to Use Your Mood Tracker

How we are feeling throughout the week affects each of us differently and potentially has the power to alter our days dramatically. Whether negative, neutral, or amazingly positive our emotions guide our lives in sometimes unexpected ways. Have you ever woken up on the “wrong side of the bed” and been unable to shake it off all day? Or received great news that carried your spirits high throughout the week? Whatever emotions you are feeling we encourage you to embrace them and learn how to track them! 

So pull out your Silk+Sonder and let’s get to work...

Step One: Your choice! 

Alright ladies, let’s get trackin’! This first and most crucial step when filling out your page is to establish what kinds of moods you feel best describe you. Think about how your emotions flow throughout the week and choose the top six that you think describe you most accurately. We find the best way to accomplish this step is to narrow it down to three moods on the more neutral or negative side and three that are positive. If neutral or negative moods are increasingly affecting your days, then learning how to track these emotions is the first step to changing them! If your week is filled more with positivity then illustrating these highs will contribute to keeping a healthy wellness experience

Step Two: Create a key

Once you have chosen your six moods, the next step is to create ways to decipher between them. It’s important to create a key structure that works for you and is a system that will set you up for success. Try shading each shape in with a different colored pencil or create patterns for each emotion! Base the colors or patterns you choose upon which moods you associate them with. For example, if you are feeling down and your day hasn’t been everything you hoped it would be, maybe you would shade your day in with a dark blue colored pencil. If your day was amazing and uplifting try filling it in with bright yellow stars. If you’re curious how others use their guides or still feeling a little lost be sure to check out our awesome online community, the Sonder Club!

Step Three: Start trackin’ 

Now that you have set your tracker up, it’s time to really get started. We recommend trying out two different ways when filling out your guide. If you feel that your emotions are flying all over the place throughout your day, then our first idea is for you! Sit down with your tracker and for each varying emotion you felt throughout the day, shade a different color. Your shape may look like a rainbow by the end depending on how you felt your moods shifting! Our second suggestion is to shade in your tracker based upon the emotion you felt the strongest that day, leaving your shape to be of a single color. We encourage you to embrace all of your emotions and continue on your wellness journey! 

Mood Tracker.  Mood Tracker

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