30 Journaling Prompts to Help You Make the Most of The Magic of July

30 Journaling Prompts to Help You Make the Most of The Magic of July

Is any month more delicious than July? The days are long, hot, and lazy, and create the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in self-care and embrace everything the season has to offer.

That's where journaling prompts come in. Journaling prompts are a great way to bring yourself to the present moment, practice gratitude, and engage in self-care—all things that feel especially sweet in the height of summer. 

Every Silk + Sonder journal contains journaling prompts, and you can also find exclusive prompts in our 7-Day Summer Boost challenge. And if you're looking for more journaling prompts (who isn't?) start with these 30 to help you close out the month of July.

30 Journaling Prompts for July

  1. Reflect on your favorite summer memories from past years. What made them so special, and how can you create new cherished moments this July?

  2. Write about a goal you'd like to accomplish this month and break it down into actionable steps.

  3. Describe a summer tradition you have or would like to start. Why is it meaningful to you?

  4. What are your favorite summer activities, and how can you incorporate more of them into your daily life?

  5. Write a letter to your future self, imagining where you'll be in five years. What do you hope to have achieved, and what advice would you give yourself?

  6. Write about a challenging situation you've faced recently and how it has helped you grow as a person.

  7. Take a nature walk and document the beauty of the summer landscape. Describe the sights, sounds, and feelings you experience.

  8. Write about a book, movie, or piece of art that has inspired you lately and explain why.

  9. What are three things you love most about summer, and how can you savor them to the fullest this July?

  10. Describe a moment when you felt completely at peace and content. What led to that feeling, and how can you recreate it?

  11. Write a gratitude list for everything that brings you joy during the summer season.

  12. Reflect on your personal strengths and how you can leverage them to overcome challenges this month.

  13. Write about a recent encounter with a friend or stranger that left a positive impact on you.

  14. What's a new hobby or skill you'd like to learn? Explore the reasons why you want to pursue it.

  15. Describe a place you'd like to visit someday, and research what it has to offer.

  16. Write a fictional story set in the summer, incorporating elements of your ideal vacation.

  17. Reflect on your relationships with friends and family. Is there anyone you want to reconnect with or mend fences?

  18. Write about your favorite ways to stay cool during the summer heat.

  19. Describe your ideal day of self-care and relaxation. How can you incorporate some of those activities into your routine this month?

  20. Write a letter to someone who has had a significant impact on your life, expressing your gratitude and appreciation.

  21. What are your favorite summer foods and recipes? Share some of your go-to dishes.

  22. Describe a moment when you faced a fear and how it made you stronger.

  23. Write about a lesson you've learned this year and how it has changed your perspective.

  24. Take a virtual tour of a museum or landmark you've always wanted to visit and describe your impressions.

  25. Write about a time when you had to make a difficult decision. What factors influenced your choice, and how did it turn out?

  26. Reflect on your top priorities in life. Are you spending enough time on what truly matters to you?

  27. Describe a time when you felt truly alive and invigorated. What were you doing, and how can you infuse more of that into your life?

  28. Write about a topic or cause you're passionate about and how you can contribute to it this month.

  29. Make a list of things that make you smile, no matter how small or simple they may be.

  30. Reflect on the journaling journey you've had this month. What insights have you gained, and how do you feel about continuing this practice in the future?

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