Overwhelmed By Clutter? Here's Your Action Plan

Overwhelmed By Clutter? Here's Your Action Plan

We all get overwhelmed by clutter from time to time. Accumulating objects, papers, clothing, sentimental items, and more over time is a simple fact of life, which is why regular decluttering sessions are key to making sure the clutter doesn't become overwhelming.
Intentional clutter clearing isn't just about making sure your space looks "nice." It's about your mental health, too: Cluttered homes cause stress over time, whether you realize it or not.
Want to turn your messy house into a tidy one? Get started with these simple decluttering tips—you may see a huge reduction in your stress levels.

What to Do When You're Overwhelmed By Clutter

1. Stop buying new stuff

Before you start your decluttering session, you're going to have to stop buying new stuff. Easier said than done, we know! And going forward, you may want to try the "one in, one out" method. In other words, if you want to buy something new, you'll have to get red of something else first. Once you've cleared out all that clutter, you may realize that object wasn't as necessary as it originally felt

2. Break the project into tiny pieces

It would be great if you could declutter your entire home in a single day, wouldn't it? But unless you have a very, very small home, this isn't realistic.
Instead, break the project down into manageable bits. Maybe you can declutter your living room over the course of a long weekend, for example, but your kitchen takes two weekends. To declutter well, you have to admit to yourself that it may take a while — and if it helps to make a decluttering schedule that spreads out over the course of a month (or several months!) that's even better. 

Donate the items you don't want anymore.

3. Give yourself grace

As much as we know most material things don't matter, it can be hard to remember this sometimes. For example, maybe while you're decluttering you find a dress you really love that you wore to a wedding a few years ago, but it doesn't fit you anymore. Trying to say goodbye to it may be difficult for you, and that's OK. So make sure you're in the right mental space when you're decluttering, because if you're not, it might be better to save it for another day. When you're in a good mindset, it will bring you joy to know you're donating that dress to someone who will get the same happiness out of it that you once did

4. Find a decluttering buddy 

Don't trust yourself to go at your declutter project alone? Enlist help. This help could come in the form of a friend or family member. The right person will help you make important decisions about what you should keep and what you need to ditch. They'll also help you finish the job sooner. After all, the more hands you have to lug heavy donation bags, the better. 

6. Get rid of broken toys (and other broken items)

You may be tempted to save broken things or clothing with holes in them because they hold sentimental value, because you think you'll fix them someday, or because you think you still use or wear them in their broken or tattered state. But trust on this one: You probably won't. So unless you're planning to get a toy repaired or a hole in a blouse sewn up, it's probably time to get rid of it. If you feel really strongly about a certain object or clothing item, you can save it in a box somewhere—but please, only do this with a few select pieces! 

5. Donate your items mindfully

Decluttering doesn't mean you're throwing everything away. While some things will inevitably end up in the trash or recycling bin, your decluttering efforts will likely feel a lot more purposeful if you research places to donate and feel like your items are getting a great second home. Goodwill and The Salvation Army are  reliable organizations for donations, but you can always research the best places to donate in your area. 

6. Don't get discouraged

Let's face it: Decluttering can get discouraging, especially when it feels like you're barely making a dent. But trust us, if you keep a slow and steady pace, you will end up with the minimalist, non-overwhelming, completely decluttered home of your dreams—and you'll be so happy you made the effort. 

7. Pretend you're moving

This concept is a little abstract, but hear us out. When you're moving, you clear clutter without thinking about it. This happens because you come across things you didn't realize you had. Most people then realize they have no interest in taking them to their new home. And guess what? They usually don't end up missing them. If you get yourself into an "I'm moving" mentality as you start your clutter-clearing journey, you'll probably find that clearing clutter is significantly easier.

8. Put like with like

This is a well-known organization tip: If you're organizing a room in your home, whether it's your kitchen or bedroom, you'll want to put similar objects together. So all the Tupperware should go in the same place, drinking glasses, silverware, the list goes on. This tip will stop you from accumulating more clutter, because you'll have a better idea of what you have. Plus, your home will feel more organized and clutter-free! 


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