8 Self-Care Routines Successful Women Swear By

8 Self-Care Routines Successful Women Swear By

Here at Silk + Sonder, we know success doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. For some women, success might mean living a happy, joy-filled life. Others may use career to define success, and still others may relate success to their family life. For some, a successful life is defined by all three—or something else entirely. 

Whatever camp you fall into, one thing's for sure: In order to be successful and thrive, people need to have solid self-care routines in place. Here are 8 options successful women swear by.

Self-Care Routines of Successful Women

1. They don't work super-long hours

This one might seem counterintuitive, because often the stereotype of a successful woman is someone who clocks long hours at the office. But taking time away from work is crucial to success, because it will help you show up to your job with a fresh mind. Plus, taking time away from work can make you happier and less resentful when you're there. So try your best not to work late, and use those vacation days! 

2. They get enough sleep

If you're not clocking the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night, it's time to start—because studies show that getting enough sleep is incredibly important for success and overall health. Not only does sleep keep you mentally sharp, but it's crucial to mental health and mood as well. If your mental health isn't in a good place, it's going to be tough to be successful. 

3. They take time away from their screens

So much of our lives exists on our screens these days, from pressing work emails to texts from friends to those impossible-to-resist social media notifications. But successful women know one thing to be true: Screen-free time is key. It can help you recharge and refocus, which is key to success, however you define it.

4. They move their bodies every day

A huge new study found that exercise is 1.5 times more effective at improving mental health than counseling or medication. On top of that, exercise can help you become more clear-headed, and it also has a tremendous amount of physical health benefits. If you ever needed another reason to get in a daily sweat session, let this be it: Successful women swear by it. 

5. They prioritize their social lives

Successful women know that ignoring important social ties is no way to be successful at all. We need other people in our lives, both in a personal and professional sense. So don't reschedule that coffee date for the hundredth time this month—see that friend you've been meaning to see, or making that long-delayed phone call to a family member you haven't talked to in a while. You won't regret it. 

6. They journal

The benefits of journaling are endless. A good journaling session can help you get your feelings out on paper, organize your thoughts, and relieve a whole lot of stress—all crucial for successful people. So take out that pen (or laptop, or phone) and start journaling.  

7. They eat a healthy diet

Does sugar taste great in the moment? Of course. But sugar also creates cravings for more sugar and a subsequent crash. This crash can make you feel tired and lead to a worse mood. Sticking to a diet high in fruits, veggies, lean protein, and healthy fat—with the occasional treat thrown in there, of course!—can help you lead a healthier, more successful life. 

8. They drink coffee

This tip isn't for everyone—after all, for some people, caffeine is a recipe for anxiety and the jitters. But if you're someone who tolerates caffeine well, studies show coffee is actually really good for you. As a nice bonus, it can give you a solid burst of energy that can help you push forward and achieve your goals. 




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