60 of the Very Best Simple Joys Of Life

60 of the Very Best Simple Joys Of Life

Focusing on the simple joys in life is an act of gratitude and a way to ground yourself in the present moment. It’s a way to stop thinking about what you don’t have and start thinking about what you do.

Focusing on life's simple joys is a way to find greater contentment and happiness in the tiny moments that often pass us by without a second thought. Simply joys are about participating in activities that bring us happiness, yes, but they’re also about noticing the beauty around you. 

Long story short: Spending time listing out, thinking about, and participating in our favorite simple joys can help us find happiness and develop a greater appreciation for life over time. Here are 60 of them. 

Simple joys for the body

1. A long walk on the beach

2. A hot shower

3. A warm, fragrant bubble bath

4. A deep, healing stretch

5. Five deep breaths

6. A slow yoga flow

7. A massage

8. Eating nutritious food

9. Hugs

10. A long, nourishing night of sleep

11. A nap

12. Moving your body in a way that inspires joy

13. A fresh haircut

14. A manicure or pedicure

15. Freshly cut flowers

Freshly cut flowers are one of life's simple joys.

Simple joys for the mind

16. Reading a great book

17. Noticing the flowers in your yard or town

18. Listen to a relaxing song

19. Meditation

20. A body scan

21. Closing your eyes and thinking about a happy memory

22. A restorative vacation

23. Logging off of social media

24. Accepting a mistake

25. Letting go of regrets

26. Decluttering your home 

27. Talking on the phone with someone you love

28. Listing out five things you’re grateful for

29. Cooking a great meal

30. Accepting imperfections

31. Not comparing yourself to others

Cook yourself a nourishing meal. 

Simple joys for the soul

32. Journaling

33. Lighting a candle and gazing at the flame

34. Singing

35. Inhaling a scent that conjures up a happy memory

36. Traveling somewhere new

37. Visiting a place that inspires joy and comfort, like your childhood home

38. A cozy blanket

39. Feeling the air on your face

40. Freshly cleaned sheets

41. Listening to the sound of singing birds

42. Holding hands with someone you love

43. Daydreaming

44. Writing down or looking at inspirational quotes

45. Saying thank you

46. Giving someone a compliment

47. Reading or listening to an inspiring story

48. Treating yourself with kindness and compassion

49. Making self-care your top priority

50. Letting things roll off you instead of getting involved with them

51. Making time for mental rest

52. Sitting outside in the sun on a perfect, 70-degree day

53. Indulging in your favorite dessert

54. Catching up with an old friend

55. Getting good news

56. Cuddling with someone you love

57. Seeing your pet at the end of a long day

58. Eating a warm roll of bread

59. The first scents of spring

60. The first orange leaf in the fall


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