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Stress-Relief Toolkit Workshop

Stress-Relief Toolkit Workshop

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In this workshop, our Silk + Sonder trained Facilitator, Jen O., will guide you through the creation of your personalized Stress Relief Toolkit.

Here's how you'll learn the art of harnessing stress for your benefit: 

  1. Opening Activity: Begin with a mindful breathing exercise that grounds you in the present moment.
  2. Your Stress Sweet Spot Exercise: Discover how to leverage stress to work in harmony with your goals and aspirations, transforming it from an obstacle to a catalyst for growth.
  3. Crafting Your Stress Relief Toolkit: Get started on the creation of your own Stress Relief Toolkit, packed with actionable habits designed to alleviate stress. 
  4. Guided 5 Whys Exploration: Delve into a guided exercise that questions anxious thoughts through the "5 Whys" technique
  5. Embracing Vibrance: H.A.L.T. Method: Through a guided exercise, identify and fulfill your needs to feel uplifted, inspired, and motivated, even amidst life's demands.
  6. Closing Reflection: Cultivate a practice that empowers you to show up for yourself amidst life's challenges.
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