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  • Hey everyone!! This truly sums me up too. I am a 10 yr Air Force veteran, a leukemia cancer survivor (who also has ADHD) I FEEL EVERYTHING. So thank you so much for this article it helps my thoughts be seen in words! 🙏🏽
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    We’re so, so glad you found it helpful!

    Sadie G Jourdain DEC 05, 2022

  • I’ve known for a very long time that Im really sensitive to everything and everyone around me. Saying no at time’s when I knew that it was what’s was best has always been so hard because I feel so deeply & I just wanna fix everything. I get so anxious in large crowd’s & I feel like I can shut the world out & relax when I’m at home.
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    That makes sense! We hope our post helped you!

    Kelly Deleon MAR 27, 2022

  • I’d been trying to explain to others what it is like being an empath.. this really sums up a lot of it, I don’t know about everyone, but my feelings tend to hurt more.. and I always seem to put myself last because all I seem to want to do is make sure everyone else is ok.. even though I’m falling apart some days from being an empath..-and my normal everyday things- :) thank you for this page
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    So glad you enjoyed this one!

    Christina Travis MAR 24, 2022

  • Am one. A very helpful piece, thanks. And a big problem for empaths is their attention is on others and shifting it to self feels foreign and unimportant.
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    We’re so glad you found this helpful. You’re right — empaths are always
    thinking about others!

    Annie Beckett MAR 03, 2022

  • As an empath, THANK YOU for this article! (mainly for getting it out there for people who aren’t in order to understand us better.)
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    We’re so glad it was helpful – empaths are such special people!

    Brindi FEB 26, 2022

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