13 Reasons to Let Go of What's No Longer Serving You

13 Reasons to Let Go of What's No Longer Serving You

The quote "let go of the things that are no longer serving you" is a popular one. And for good reason: When we lot go of material or physical possessions that aren't serving us, along with toxic or destructive habits, it paves the way for a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Whether you're looking to go down a new career path or you have a gut feeling that something is off in your life, there are so many reasons to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. Here are 13 of them. 

1. It will make room for personal growth

When you let go of destructive or toxic habits that are holding you back, you make room for personal growth. Maybe there are ways you know you want to grow—for example, you could have a goal of running a marathon, but late nights spent binge-watching Netflix mean you don't have the energy to wake up early to go for a run. When you cut out the thing that's no longer serving you (binge-watching Netflix), chasing this goal will become much easier. 

If you don't know what ways you want to grow personally, cutting out things that are no longer serving you could help that become clearer.  

2. You'll see an increase in productivity

When we eliminate things that are no longer serving us, we're better able to focus on the things that are actually important to us. If you're constantly distracted during the workday while scrolling through various social media apps, if you stop using them, you may find you have a lot more energy for the things that are both important to you and expected of you. 

3. You'll find you're being more authentic with others

Letting go can pave the way for authenticity. When you're constantly bogged down by things that are making you unhappy, it's hard to authentically connect with other people. When your mind is clear and you're not distracted by habits, people and things that are no longer serving you, it's easier to be authentic in how you live your life.

4. It will make way for new opportunities 

When we're absorbed in things that aren't serving us, it's hard to take advantage of opportunities—or even see that they're there. When we let go of internal stuff that isn't bringing anything good to our lives, we're better able to see what opportunities are available to us, and we can begin to embrace them.  

5. It will unlock a sense of freedom

You may be surprised by just how free you start to feel when you let go of the things that are no longer serving you. You'll feel lighter and stronger at the same time once you've released those things that were once weighing you down. 

6. It will improve your happiness overall

It's hard to be really, truly happy when you're weighed down by things that aren't serving you. Thinking clearly and finding joy in the day-to-day is tough, to the point where sometimes you don't even know what makes you happy. As you let go of the heavy things, you may find that happiness—and understanding what makes you happy—comes a lot more easily to you. 

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7. Your purpose will become more clear 

Having a sense of purpose is an important component to living a happy, full life. And when you're constantly engaging in things that aren't serving you, you might not even know where to start when it comes to understanding what your purpose is. When you begin to let go, your purpose will likely come into clearer focus. And if it doesn't, feel free to check out our core values workshop for further guidance. 

8. You'll find yourself less obsessed with material possessions 

 It's safe to say that for the most part, material possessions are one of those things that people often chase without understanding that they don't serve them. As you begin to let go of things that don't serve you, you'll probably find that material possessions are less important to you—because you're now immersed in your higher purpose and living a happier life. 

9. Your relationships will become stronger

When we let go of things that don't serve us, we carve out more time and space for our relationships. This could be a romantic relationship, but it could also be a friendship or relationship with a family member. 

10. You'll feel a greater sense of self-love

When you're living a life of purpose that feels authentic to your core values, it's a lot easier to love yourself. In fact, when you let go of things that aren't serving you, you may find that right away you feel a greater sense of self-love and self-appreciation. 

11. You'll have more energy

Nothing ignites a spark of energy than being unburdened by those things that aren't serving us. If you find you constantly hit a slump at some point throughout the day, you may find that when you let go of the things that are heavy, you're able to power through that slump—and maybe get up earlier in the morning, too.

12. You'll have greater mental clarity

Your mind will clear up as you let go of the things that no longer serve you. If you find your mind is always foggy and you're having a hard time thinking through an important decision—like whether to move or take a big leap at work—letting go of those things that don't serve you can help quite a bit. 

13. Your health might improve

Mental and physical health are greatly intertwined, and sometimes, the things that aren't serving us are physical things too. An unhealthy diet, for example, can be something that isn't serving you, or a lack of exercise. And as you let go of both the mental and physical things that aren't serving you, you may find you have more energy for healthy habits—and that you naturally sleep better and make time for self-care, too.

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