50 Energizing Affirmations for Spring

50 Energizing Affirmations for Spring

After what has been a stormy winter in most parts of the country, spring is finally coming. And while we may still be dealing with crisp temperatures and rain for another month or two, there's still a lot to be excited about as buds start to form on the trees and flowers get ready to burst from the ground. 

With new life everywhere, spring has a powerful energy. When harnessed correctly, it can be transformative. With that in mind, here are 50 affirmations for spring. 

50 Affirmations for Spring

1. I embrace all the new opportunities coming my way.

2. I am blooming into the best version of myself.

3. With each season, I am getting closer to achieving my goals.

4. I nourish my body with fresh food.

5. I am creating the space for new beginnings.

6. This season, I will get everything I have been manifesting.

7. I am doing a great job.

8. I am powerful.

9. I have an endless amount of energy.

10. I am creating the space for restorative, restful sleep. 

11. Each new bloom I see symbolizes the newness I'm bringing into my own life.

12. Spring is an opportunity to start again.

13. Any challenges I face this spring will benefit me in the long run.

14. Spring is a reminder that long, dark days do come to an end.

15. Each new day is a chance to grow.

16. I am abundant.

17. I am open to the changes coming into my life.

18. I am connected to the present moment.

19. I am at peace with my surroundings.

20. I trust the process. 

21. I am decluttering my heart and thoughts.

22. I am cleansing and clearing my space.

23. I am allowing the spirt of spring to wash over me.

24. I make time for regular self-care.

25. I am building new connections.

26. I am shedding the things that are no longer serving me.

27. I am reconnecting with nature.

28. I have endless amounts of gratitude.

29. I am putting myself in new situations, even when they're uncomfortable.

30. I am minimizing my belongings to create new space.

31. Failure is part of the journey. 

32. The change in seasons is a reminder that I'm changing, too.

33. I focus on the small, meaningful joys in my life.

34. I am letting go of all the baggage I've been carrying.

35. Spring gives me new opportunities to move my body more.

36. I inhale the new and exhale the old.

37. I release the things that are no longer serving me.

38. I am creative and resourceful.

39. I have everything I need to life the best version of my life.

40. I am deserving of every good thing.

41. My relationships are passionate and exciting.

42. A positive, unexpected thing will happen to me this spring.

43. I am constantly coming up with new creative ideas.

44. My mind is open and clear.

45. My heart is open and I am ready to receive.

46. I love myself.

47. I embrace my flaws and my strengths

48. The universe is supporting me.

49. Exercise brings me joy.

50. I am confident that I can get all the things I really want. 

How to Use Spring Affirmations

Try saying your spring affirmations out loud, or write them down in your journal on a daily basis. You can also email or text them to a friend, if that works for you. Choose just one of these affirmations or a handful of them, or simply use this list as a source of inspiration.

The most important thing is that these affirmations are somewhere in your consciousness as often as possible, so find a way to utilize them that fits with your personality and goals. And don't forget to embrace the season and all as it has to offer! 

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