67 Actually Doable Habit Ideas for Personal Growth

67 Actually Doable Habit Ideas for Personal Growth

Any productivity or personal growth expert will be the first to tell you that identifying and sticking with the right daily habits is one of the most important factors when you want to see real growth and change. Silk + Sonder is dedicated to helping its members grow in a meaningful way, which is why every issue comes with a habit tracker—but identifying the habits that will actually enable this growth (and breaking bad habits!) is key.

Below, we’ve listed 67 habit ideas for personal growth, so feel free to pick and choose the ones that feel most applicable to your life. 

    1. Make your bed every day
    2. Celebrate small victories 
    3. Don’t multitask
    4. Check in with your personal goals once a week
    5. Prioritize meeting new people
    6. Get better at time management 
    7. Incorporate something green into one meal a day
    8. Wash and put away all dishes after dinner
    9. Eat a piece of fruit every day
    10. Have mini dance parties 
    11. Consume the news in a way that feels healthy for you 
    12. Tackle the most important tasks on your to-do list first
    13. Eat less sugar
    14. Prepare for the next day the night before
    15. Surround yourself with positive people 
    16. Wake up at the same time every day
    17. Check out and engage with events in your city or town
    18. Take an after dinner walk
    19. Spend less time on social media
    20. Meditate
    21. Send thank you notes or texts as soon as you receive a gift
    22. Do your laundry on the same day every week
    23. Floss your teeth every day
    24. Read for 20 minutes a day
    25. Take a mental health day once a month
    26. Utilize daily affirmations 
    27. Take breaks during the workday 
    28. See a therapist 
    29. Keep your workspace relaxing and clutter-free
    30. Drink less alcohol
    31. Check in with your career goals once a week
    32. Practice good sleep hygiene
    33. Do a short yoga flow
    34. Stick with a morning routine
    35. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day
    36. Exercise regularly 
    37. Wait half an hour to check your phone after you wake up in the morning
    38. Journal on a regular basis 
    39. Call a friend
    40. Stretch
    41. Listen to music that brings you joy and relaxes you
    42. Take an online course
    43. Automatically transfer money from your paycheck into your savings account
    44. Write every day, even if it’s just one line
    45. Put your gym clothes next to your bed to encourage you to go to the gym as soon as you wake up
    46. Set aside time every week to learn a new skill
    47. Maintain a positive mindset 
    48. Cook new recipes every month
    49. Say no to things you don’t want to do
    50. Keep up with doctors and dental appointments on a yearly (or bi-yearly) basis
    51. Don’t procrastinate 
    52. Dedicate a specific amount of time to self-care every week
    53. Meal prep on Sundays 
    54. Put your phone “to bed” two hours before you go to sleep
    55. Dedicate time every week to a hobby that brings you joy
    56. Delegate tasks 
    57. Make travel a priority, even if you’re traveling somewhere close to home
    58. Drink less coffee
    59. Arrive places on time
    60. Learn a new language (and practice it regularly)
    61. Do something that puts you outside your comfort zone
    62. Practice deep breathing
    63. Cultivate a gratitude practice 
    64. Drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up
    65. Master something in your field that isn’t in your job description 
    66. Create an evening ritual that helps you wind down
    67. Cut down on how much time you spend watching TV

How to develop a new habit

When you want to develop a new habit, one of the best things you can do is come up with a plan for how you'll execute it. Start by being realistic: If you want to exercise regularly, for example, is it realistic to do it every day? Or is four times a week more sustainable for you? Once you come up with a plan, you'll just need to stick to it.

How to stick with your personal growth habits

Coming up with the habits you want to stick to is one thing, actually sticking to them is another. A habit tracker is a great starting point, because it builds in some accountability. But there are other strategies that can help you stick with your habits, too, like:

Habit stacking. By stacking a habit you want to build with a habit you already have, you’ll be able to stick with your new habits more easily. For example, if you want to start flossing regularly, you could do it right after you brush your teeth.

Find an accountability buddy. Finding someone in your life who is willing to hold you accountable is an excellent tool when you’re trying to build a habit. This can be as simple as sending a quick text or email after you participate in your habit.

Give yourself rewards. This is tied to the habit tracker concept, but giving yourself rewards when you’ve participated in the habit you want to build for a certain number of days or weeks can be a good incentive to stick with it. For example, if your goal is to cook five new meals a month, maybe you buy yourself a new pan you’ve been eyeing once you do it. 

Living in an atmosphere of growth is important, and the right habits are key to making this happen. And if you’re working on journaling more, you can find inspiration with these 49 journaling prompts for spring.
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