Habit Tracker Excel Spreadsheet - Free & Editable

Habit Tracker Excel Spreadsheet - Free & Editable

If you’re looking for a habit tracker excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets template, we’ve created one that is editable and easy to use. Some of us like to use digital habit trackers to document our habits instead of printable versions. But the right template can be hard to find. Especially when your goal is to build new habits and track on a daily basis. 

How to Use Weekly and Monthly Habit Tracker Spreadsheets

There are so many free templates out there. Some are highly customizable but equally technical to use. So, we’ve tried to strike a balance between approachability and usability. The ultimate goal is to track habit data in order to stop bad habits and start building habits that are healthy.

How you measure success in your life is relative. But the right habit tracker is going to get you going in the right direction and help you stick with it. 

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So, in our spreadsheet templates, you’ll notice a tab for monthly habit tracking as well as weekly habit tracking. This can help with different paces of healthy habit formation. You can customize these however you like, by adding columns, changing colors, and more.

Plus our templates are designed for you to instantly download and start using.


Silk+Sonder's free editable weekly habit tracker excel spreadsheet

Step 1: 

In our weekly habit tracker excel spreadsheet, you can start by entering the “Week of” date. This will automatically update the dates beneath each day of the week. From there, you can add your list of habits. We’ve added a few example healthy habits from our blog post 100 Habit Tracking Ideas for building good habits.

Step 2:

You can notate in Column B the frequency of each habit or goal also. There may be some habits you only want to complete three times per week. You can even highlight the cells of the days of the week that you are hoping to complete the habit. This gives you a visual target, which can help you stay motivated to keep going and track healthy habits.

Step 3:

As the week progresses, you can add an “X” to track your progress and habit completion. To keep track of your progress week-over-week, simply right click on the tab “Weekly” to make a copy of this sheet. Then you can erase out your exes, update the date, and start over next week. In the long run, over the course of the weeks ahead, you’ll be able to click back and review your weekly progress towards building healthy habits.

If for some reason, you decide to print out your habit tracker, it is already formatted for an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Easy peesy!


Silk+Sonder's free editable monthly habit tracker excel spreadsheet

When it comes to our monthly habit tracker, the formatting is largely the same. Instead of updating the week, simply type in the month. The days of the month are formatted along the top (row 4), and color coded to show a breakdown of weeks.

You can update your habits in Column B. And add exes or even change the color of the individual cell once you’ve completed a habit.

Click to use our FREE editable spreadsheets:

To use the Google Sheets spreadsheet, you'll need to File > Make A Copy.

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