50 Summer Goal Ideas to Help You Make the Most of This Light, Slower-Paced Time of Year

50 Summer Goal Ideas to Help You Make the Most of This Light, Slower-Paced Time of Year

When we're kids, summer is such a distinct time of year. While the school year is full of structure and learning, summer is all about fun and relaxation, whether that means a month spent at summer camp, a family vacation, or even lazy days at home. 

As adults, most of us work through the summer, maybe taking a few weeks off at most. Still, the warm weather, long days and slower pace at the office evoke a feeling of lightness, joy and carve out mental space that isn't available at other times of year.

With that in mind, May is an excellent time to set summer goals, and ideally, lighter goals than ones you would set at other times of year. Get started with these 50 ideas. 

50 Summer Goal Ideas

Physical summer goal ideas

1. Go for a walk or run every day

2. Hike a new trail

3. Go swimming

4. Play a sport

5. Take a yoga class

6. Learn to surf

7. Ride a bike

8. Go camping

9. Have a picnic

10. Go to the beach

    Mental health/learning-related summer goal ideas

    11. Read a book

    12. Learn a new skill

    13. Take a class

    14. Meditate

    15. Journal

    16. Do a puzzle

    17. Play a board game

    18. Write a letter

    19. Learn a new language

    20. Volunteer

    Creative-related summer goal ideas

    21. Paint a picture

    22. Write a poem

    23. Play an instrument

    24. Dance

    25. Act

    26. Make a piece of jewelry

    27. Sew something

    28. Cook a new recipe

    29. Garden

    30. Build something

    Social and connection-related summer goal ideas

    31. Spend time with friends and family

    32. Go to a party

    33. Have a barbecue

    34. Go to a concert

    35. Visit a museum

    36. Go to a play

    37. See a movie

    38. Go to the zoo

    39. Go to an amusement park

    40. Go on vacation

    Spiritual-related summer goal ideas

    41. Go to church or temple

    42. Meditate

    43. Pray

    44. Read spiritual texts

    45. Spend time in nature

    46. Do volunteer work

    47. Help others

    48. Be kind to yourself and others

    49. Practice gratitude

    50. Spend a day on your own, distraction-free

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