The Best Bullet Journal Supplies to Stock Up On Now

The Best Bullet Journal Supplies to Stock Up On Now

Whether you're new to bullet journaling or you're a seasoned veteran, having the right bullet journaling supplies is key. So much of bullet journaling is a creative, personal, and artistic process, meaning you need the very best notebooks, stickers, and other essentials.

Here, we've rounded up the best of the best bullet journal supplies—you can think of it as a bullet journal starter kit. Get ready to fill up that cart!

Best bullet journal notebooks

First things first: How do you pick out the right notebook for your bullet journal? There are a lot of options out there, and some bullet journal notebooks will be more structured than others. Silk + Sonder, for example, is a type of bullet journal with a lot of structure to it. 

But if you're looking for a bullet journal that's more of a blank page, consider: 

A dotted journal notebook

Dot grid paper is an easy way to keep things neat and tidy in your bullet journal, since for the most part you're doing more than writing in your bullet journal. You're creating charts, calendars, and even drawing pictures — why would you want to be bound by lines? Some high quality dot journal notebooks worth checking out include: 

A blank notebook

Dot grid paper may keep things neat, but a blank notebook will provide you with even more freedom. Here are our favorite blank notebooks for journaling: 

Example of a dotted grid notebook, via @noteswithlu on Instagram

Best bullet journal stickers

Stickers can be an excellent addition to any bullet journal. From days of the week stickers and calendar stickers to fun, inspirational stickers that will help spruce up the overall look of your bullet journal, here are our favorites: 

Best bullet journal pages

If you're taking an unstructured approach to journaling, you'll probably appreciate a little bit of formatting here and there. And that's where bullet journal layouts come in. Here are a few we love (you can print these ones out!):

Best bullet journal pens

 Of course, no bullet journal can really shine without a great pen. Here are some of our favorite pen brands for bullet journals: 

(you can read more about why we love these brands here!)

Best bullet journal accessories 

If you're looking for general accessories like washi tape, rulers, bags for your pens and pencils and more, here are the ones we love: 

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